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Mrs. Hirsch is a devoted and dedicated loan agent who puts the needs of her clients foremost in her business agenda. She has consistently managed to get me the most favorable terms on real property loans and I would not do business with anyone else.

Above all she is honest and upstanding and extremely ethical. She always fulfills her promises and there no such thing in her vocabulary as “bait and switch,” of which so many loan agents are guilty. It is refreshing to work with her. She always goes the extra mile and is seemingly available all of the time returning calls on the weekend, something unheard of with loan agents.

I have complete confidence in her abilities and her code of ethics and recommend her highly.

Martin P. , Homeowner, Realtor, Real Estate Investor

In the past, I would avoid refinancing a property loan due to the number of different options available. I found the overall process to not only be confusing but frustrating as well. I missed windows of opportunity to save money time and time again. But not anymore.

I have been working with Julia Hirsch for the past 5 years. She owns the process from start to finish; letting me know when a good opportunity has become available, finds the best option for me to move forward with, handles all open issues, paperwork, and closes the deal on time. I can honestly say I no longer avoid saving money. She also works the same magic on new property loans as well.

Toni T.V, Homeowner, Real Estate Investor

While we’re still getting settled in our new home, we wanted to thank you not only for the Wine Country gift basket you had sent to us, but also for everything you’ve helped us with over the last few months. We’re looking forward to having a few minutes to sit down and enjoy the snacks, but for now it’s still all about unpacking and organizing and furnishing!

We really (really!!) cannot overstate how much your help means to us. When we started this process, we had absolutely no idea what we were doing – even now, we probably only know about 10% of what’s going on, and almost all of that is thanks to you!! I’m certain that there’s no way we would be where we are without your tireless effort and help, and there’s no way we’ll ever forget that. Even though I hope we never move again, we’re so grateful to know that we can call on you for help should we need it.

Brandon & Leah R., First Time Homeowners

We really appreciate all the time you put into our refinance. We commend you on your organizational skills and quick response time; even while you were on vacation. You truly provided us with peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Stefanie Y. and Philip C., Homeowners

Being a mortgage professional myself, I could honestly say that Julia is an amazing asset to the mortgage industry.

Earlier this year, I submitted what should have been a very clean refinance. Julia kept me updated every single step of the way. There wasn’t a single moment that I didn’t know the status of my loan. When little hiccups came up in the transaction, Julia fought hard to solve them and did not get me, the borrower, involved unless she absolutely had to. One would think it was her own personal loan that she was working on!

I can honestly say, that if Julia gives the same attention to all of her borrowers that I received, I can guarantee a great experience and as stress free as possible!

Coralia B. , Homeowner, Mortgage Professional

Julia Hirsch was a pleasure to work with. She’s responsive, diligent and dedicated. She seems to be the kind ofperson who is “on”all the time, answering our emails into the late hours, and weekends too. No matter whattime of day, she is there for you and ready to help.

She clearly wants you to have a great experience, even after the signatures are all in and the loan is approved.We had some issues with the record-keeping of our lender, and once she learned about our predicament, shejumped on it immediately, demanding answers from her account exec. She stepped in and helped us set therecord straight and thanks in part to her commitment, we felt more assured the problem was getting fixed.

On top of all this, Julia is a kind person who is sincere and considerate. If you want someone who will take careof you and see things through on your behalf, you can’t go wrong with Julia. She’ll get it all done!

Rita C. , Homeowner