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With over 20 years in this business…

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best possible home loan program in the shortest amount of time, with the lowest costs and with no hassles. We accomplish this regardless of our client’s income or credit status. We’re able to achieve these tremendous results in part by employing a home loan volume buying strategy and pass on the savings to our clients.

Capital Mortgage Center is approved with numerous lenders, banks, and investors so we can assure our clients a wide choice of the most competitive home loan products with lowest rates available on the market. We specialize in Conventional and FHA purchase money loans and refinance loans for clients with “A” through “D” qualifications. Now also offering Reverse Mortgages.

Furthermore, we employ state of the art computer technology to process home loan files fast and place home loans through various networks for the best interest rates and home loan programs available at any given moment. We have long term relationships with title and escrow services, appraisal firms, credit bureaus, home inspection firms and other mortgage lending support industries to assure top quality service. They work hard to satisfy our customers because our volume of business is important to them.

When selecting a mortgage broker or lender, don’t go with the one that just tells you what you want to hear. You know… “Lowball rate,” “no costs,” “must apply today” etc… If it sounds too good to be true, it is!

You need a representative with access to over 25 wholesale lenders. We have access to many wholesale lenders that do NOT even offer loans to the general public on a retail basis.

With only one credit report, we can submit and shop your file to several lenders for approval if necessary. Too many credit inquiries can damage your credit rating.

It does NOT cost more to use a Mortgage Broker for your home loan. In fact, it’s just the opposite. We’ll shop your loan among several lenders and lock you in with the best deal for you.

If one particular direct home loan lender doesn’t have the lowest rates and fees at time of closing they won’t transfer your file to another lender for closing without charging substantial cancellation and other fees. If one lender has a problem with your qualifications, the property’s qualifications or their rates are too high, a mortgage broker can merely send your file to another lender for closing without any extra or cancellation fees!

  • Capital Mortgage Center is a reputable Mortgage Broker and our only goal is to obtain the best home loan for the customer at the lowest price available for a fair and reasonable fee for service. NO lenders or brokers work for free. They’d be gone next week if they did. Don’t get fooled.
  • Capital Mortgage Center as an established Mortgage Broker has access to many lenders; hundreds of programs and can shop the market on the wholesale level. The customer will pay the lower end of current retail market. Extra middle man fees are a myth.
  • Capital Mortgage Center, a Mortgage Broker, works for YOU, not the lender. We don’t participate in the interest rates. We just earn a fair fee for service. Many times it’s the lender that ends up paying us, not you.

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